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Warehouse spaces

Are you looking for a warehouse space? Get to know our exceptional offer.

You will be most welcome to rent warehouse spaces at Ożarów II Logistics Centre. We offer for rent warehouse spaces which are a perfect place for business. With its innovative technical and IT solutions, all logistics operations can be performed swiftly and efficiently.

Modular system helps you choose any warehouse space for rent. Dust-free floors, with maximum permissible load of 5T/sq m, docks with hydraulic ramps, and ground zero gates accessible to vehicle of various types, and a large manoeuvring yard come as a standard. With these improvements, communication between the warehouse and the manoeuvring yard is effective and helps improve organisation of work at your company.


Patrycja Malicka
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Anna Rosa

phone: +48 692 413 541
e-mail: anna.rosa@cbre.com